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Message From Late Kunvar Ajitsingh Medtia of Jamla, Former Idar State


I would like to whole heartedly support the efforts of the Royal Jaipur Polo Foundation(RJPF) and in particular the hard work and dedication of my friend and younger brother Maharaj shri Narendra Singhji.

Being from the long line of Rathores of the erstwhile dessert kingdom of Jodhpur, I suppose Polo was part of my destiny too! And when the young Crown Prince Shivraj Singh of Jodhpur was playing at Eton in the early 90's we remembered fondly the days of a bye gone era when Rajput princes played on the hallow lawns of the English Countryside.

I was fortunate enough to establish my own medium to high goal Polo Team in England called the "Red Lions", and in 2002 we won the 0-40 Goal Open in Cirencester, Gloucestershire with an all Indian Team the first time since the days of the Raj….over 60 years ago!. Further in 2003 HRH The Prince of Wales honoured me in playing in my team to win the 15 Goal - Chakrovarty Cup, at the Beaufort Club in one of the most exciting matches I ever played in winning only by ½ a goal in the final minute with the Prize presented by HE The US Ambassador to the Court of St.James, England.

Over the following years I played polo all over the world, learning in Argentina at 'La Martina' the home of Adolfo Cambiaso (presently the world's No.1 player) and in 2000 with 'Bapji' HH Jodhpur watching the 40 Goal Argentine Open was a memorable trip.

I remember coming to India to play and see the rise of the modern day game, and the dynamics of the teams, players, sponsors and the Army…..young talented players like Yuvraj of Kashmir, Kn Lockendra Singh (+5), Kn. Vishal Singh(+5), Samir Suhag (+6), the Ali and Kalaan Brothers (+6) and the Gentlemen of the Army Polo Col.Bhawani Singhji, Col. Pirka Virk .
But foremost I always remember the exuberance, charm and great skill of the young Shivraj Singh of Jodhpur (+3) who always affectionately called me "Dadabhai"(Elder brother). His welcoming and revitalising of the game in Jodhpur and overseas is now legendary and his love and affection to me encourages me to still play and support other young Indian players…..no one wishes him a more speedy recovery from his polo accident than I.

Indeed it was the young Maharaj Kumar of Jodhpur who when I mentioned I'd like to support young, upcoming Indian polo players recommended Kn. Raghavraj Singh of Shivrati, Udaipur who went on to have 3-4 years of Low & Medium goal at the prestigious Cirencester Polo Club in Gloucestershire for the Red Lions Team, culminating in his appearance in 2005 in the winning team in the last polo game HRH Prince Charles played before his retirement in my Red Lions Team at Cirencester.

I have seen Maharaj Narendra Singh improve in polo from a standing start only 3 years ago! And now he hits the ball better than me!!!, his enthusiasm for the game and his team spirit and overall uplifting sportsmanship have won him many friends across the world and India could not in my opinion have a better FIP's Ambassador! From his tours of Argentina, and our visit to Italy in 2004 as the 'Royal Jaipur Team' playing in 40 degrees in Rome to our successful Team performance in Berlin in the summer of 2006 for the Bentley Cup, the Royal Jaipur Team is making good progress and friends all over.

It gives me great pleasure in lending my support to this amazing sport and Foundation and I can only think it will go from strength to strength in the years ahead.


Km. Ajitsingh Medtia,
Grosvenor Square,

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