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Message from Maharaj Narendra Singh,The FIP Ambassador fromIndia

It's a pleasure and honour to be the FIP Ambassador from India.

I come from Jaipur, Capital of Rajasthan, the Royal state of India and it is my endeavour to take the game of polo to a great height. It has been the hard work of the previous FIP Ambassadors from India which has taken the game of Polo to such an honorable position and is improving by the day. With India developing at such a great pace and with the improved modes of communications my work seems to be a lot easier.

After a decade of relatively low - intensity prudence, the game of polo and the people of Rajasthan have begun to rediscover each others charm. I strongly believe and recommend that such an encouraging response for the game of polo built on these revitalized foundations in Jaipur ( The Pink City), will see greater heights of love and passion for each other. The efforts being made by me for this extra ordinary game shall be deliberated to strengthen further the bilatral relations of the polo fraternity of India and the world.

I would like to reassure the world, the commitment of our country to the regal game of polo. My efforts to promote and popularise this historical game of polo in India is another sign of the royalty's heightened emphasis on it's relation with polo.

I assure, the sport loving community of the world,all my support and help required to conduct any such event or championship/exhibition match of Polo(horse/cycle/elephant).

I would like to emphasize the common value that the state of India and polo share :>

"It is the committment to EXCELLENCE".

The importance of this shared value should never be overlooked,and it is in our common interest to see that this value diffuses into the other parts of the world through this game.I, as the FIP ambassador from India, am committed to ascertain the value and place this regal game is worthy of.

I am sure that alongwith my esteemed fellow-ambassadors from across the globe ,we could work together for a better world from this pedestal and address issues like development aid,the social impact of globalisation,ageing populations,the environmental issues,etc.

Besides all this ,a variety of other interests could be thought of in which co-operation and co-ordination between the Polo fraternity and the corporate world could be of great mutual benefit.

I would like to slog to increase awareness and enhance interest of the people across the world in the game of polo.Please feel free to approach me for any kind of support or querry related to polo in India.



Km.Ajitsingh Medtia
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