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Royal Elephant polo

Elephants have been a part of Indian culture since times Immemorial. They were representatives of the strenght and power of kings and Emperors. It was therefore natural that polo "The King of Sports"and simultaneously "The Sport of The Kings" was incorporated to be played on elephants as well.

Jaipur, naturally and obviously enough, had a big role to play in elephant polo development as it was not only the most famous polo centre but also was a prominent state with probably the largest elephant paraphernalia .Jaipur has had a long and colorful association with Elephants. No festival, no formal occasion, no religious ceremony would be complete without a row of gaily decorated, well caparisoned Elephants.

Jaipur, is the only place in the world where one can witness this exclusive sport throughout the year. Watching it, is a unique and an unforgettable experience. The Colossal size of the elephant evokes awe, yet it's docile nature, it's gracefull movements and it's doleful eyes have always fascinated man, it's majestic presence has associated with regal splendor and elephant has always remained as one of the most important possessions of the kings. Though the elephants lacked the speed and agility of the polo horses, it is great fun to watch the enormous pachyderms moving around the field after the ball at great speed, of course in elephantine standard.

(Most welcome to break them!)

  • The game begins with a throw in, from the centre of the field.
  • A player is permitted to take only three taps / hits at the ball, after which he/she has to leave possession of ball.
  • Hooking of sticks is not allowed.
  • There can not be more than two elephants from the same team in any one half of the field.
  • When the ball goes over the side line, the team that did not hit it, has a hit-in from where it went out.
  • Penalty hits are to be taken from 20 yards from the goal line and in a penalty the opposition elephants must be atleast 15 yards away.
  • Team change ends only after each "CHUKKER"
  • Ladies may use two hands, men can use only one (To hold the polo stick).
  • No elephant can lie down between the goal posts.
  • The decision of the Umpire is final.
  • The player may be damn good ,but if the elephant plays to loose ,nobody can stop him.


P.S:In all the events organised by RJPF,all human efforts are made to ensure the safety of the players and the animals.

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