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The Jaipur Team

It was in 1933 that the Jaipur team comprising Prince Prithi Singh, playing at one and handicapped at 7; Rao Raja Abhay Singh, playing at two and handicapped at 8; Rao Raja Hanut Singh, playing at three and handicapped at 9; and the Maharaja of Jaipur playing at back and handicapped at 10, visited England. They proved invincible, and won every tournament they played. Their trouncing of the English teams prompted the famous English cartoonist, The Tout, to sketch a cartoon in which the Jaipur team was shown mounted on a huge pachyderm, and the British team scattering away from it. The cartoon was captioned " A Jaipur Allegory-Look Out, The Elephant's Coming."


"The great Sir Pratap (wrote Maharaja Prem Signh ) who raised the famous Jodhpur Lancers, had Marwari horses in the regiment along with the Arabs. Our local horses proved to be most hardy---- they were looked after, especially in the middle class Rajput families, by the ladies of the house.... the children were brought up alongside the horses, house.... the children were brought up alongside the horses, and hence made good horsemen and horse lovers. The breed degenerated because it was not properly looked after; its breeding was not done systematically, and no breeding records were maintained.. but, in spite of all that, I have seen some of our local horses competing well in polo and pig-sticking. The following are some examples:

1. Maharajah Rattan Signhji's Marwari mare, Rang Jarao, was competing with thoroughbred English, Australian and Arab horses in pig-sticking on equal terms.

2. Thakur Adian Signhji of Paal's Lachna carried a rider wieghing well over 15 stone.


The game reached South India in 1936 with the entry of the Rajas of Babbli, Kolanka nad Venkatgiri. Yet another record for India became the Kolanka Cup, presented by the Raja of Kolanka as the challenge trophy for the Bangalore limited Handicap tournaments. The cup in on record as the largest polo trophy in the world, standing six feet tall and holding four and a half gallons of champagne.

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