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We at RJPF(Royal Jaipur Polo Foundation) are committed to the promotion and popularization of the great game of Royal POLO.

RJPF, is the handiwork of Maharaj Narendra Singh and his team to ensure the institutionalization of the game of polo.

Maharaj Narendra Singh, Jaipur, a budding star on the horizon of modern polo, fortunately also happens to be the FIP ambassador from INDIA.

His passion and commitment to polo is backed by the royal inheritance, which qualifies him to become a natural successor to be the emissary of polo in the modern world. In light of this fact, Jaipur polo could not have asked for better days. Maharaj Narendra Singh Ji is not only committed to popularizing of this game but has also shown keen interest in promoting the future stars of polo by institutionalizing the game.

In his efforts to safeguard the interest of the game Maharaj Narendra Singh Ji has joined hands with great polo patrons of the world. He has also initiated the efforts to engage corporates to support the young and upcoming stars of polo. This has all been done keeping the integrity and tradition of polo as the top priority.

He has also instigated a lot of organizations to come forward to help the cause of elephant safety, security and well being. Narendra Singh is also involved in a lot of other social and charitable activities across the globe.

The creation of this foundation is in continuation to the good work. The foundation shall get the corporate world and the polo fraternity to come on to the same platform to work for a far more worthy cause, i.e. to adopt the issues of AIDS, poverty, hygiene and the underprivileged children. The grounds men, Sayies (horse care-taker) etc.shall also be a part of the beneficiary team. RJPF also plans to ensure the well being of the so far neglected polo-playing animals.

RJPF wears the responsibility of organizing the charitable events in conjunction with the polo society and the corporates. The net proceeds of all such events shall be used for causes mentioned above.


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